Skin Botox

What makes a woman’s face attractive ?

  • Oval facial shape
  • Softly padded orbital rim and brow
  • Gentle ogee curve (S-curve) from eyelid to upper lip
  • Nose with a straight dorsum, welldefined tip with good projection and rotation, a normal nasolabial angle and almond-shaped nostrils
  • Full, natural-looking (nonexaggerated)lips
  • Well-defined lower face and jaw line
  • Smooth skin, free of wrinkles, folds, and furrows

Attractive male facial aesthetics

  • More angular facial shape than in females
  • Heavier, overhanging, horizontal brow
  • Larger nose than in females
  • Wider mouth and deeper-set eyes
  • Some wrinkles and coarser skin are expected

Why do I need to know about BOTOX®And Juvederm™?

Everyone needs to have an understanding of treatments offered to clients.

Why will clients ask you about BOTOX/JUVEDERM ?

  • You are the first point of contact.
  • You are open, friendly and approachable.
  • You will not baffle them with science.
  • You are not a clinician.

Whats in a name?

  • 97% of Australian women recognize the name BOTOX® (AC Nielsen)
  • BOTOX® is the most common cosmetic procedure performed in America (ASAPS Data, US)
  • BOTOX® has been used in millions of patients in over 80 countries over the past two decades.
  • Trusted. Asked for by name.

What is BOTOX®?

  • BOTOX® is a quick and simple minimally is invasive, non- surgical treatment that delivers great natural-looking results.
  • BOTOX® is a natural purified protein that relaxes wrinkle causing muscles, creating a smoother rejuvenated and more youthful appearance.

How does BOTOX treatment work?

  • Muscle contraction is caused by the release of a chemical called acetylcholine at the junction between the How does BOTOX® treatment work? Botulinum Toxin Type A nerve ending and the muscle.
  • BOTOX® relaxes wrinkle causing muscles by blocking the release of acetylcholine, and hence relaxes the muscle.

Where can it be used on the face -BEFORE

Neck Bands

How long does BOTOX last?

  • BOTOX® treatment usually starts to take effect 2-3 days post-treatment with visible results by 7 days1 and at its peak effect at approx 30 Botulinum Toxin TypeA days2.
  • The treatment result will wear off progressively - not suddenly.

Is BOTOX safe?

  • BOTOX® has a proven and established safety profile.
  • In a meta-analysis clinical paper where patients 27 were reviewed from 1966-2003, BOTOX® was found to have a favourable safety and
    tolerability across a broad spectrum of therapeutic uses (Naumann 2004).
  • BOTOX® is approved for use in 80 countries.

Who can not take BOTOX?

  • Pregnant ladies
  • Lactating mothers
  • Local infection (Acne , Cold sores….)
  • Neuro-muscular disorders (Eg. Myasthenia grevis)
  • Concomitant use of Aminoglycoside antibiotics(Eg.Erythromycin , Roxithromycin….)

When will I see results and for howlong?

  • BOTOX will begin to take effect at 2-3 days. Optimal results at 10-15 days
  • Lasts 4-6 months, possibly longer depending on individual.
  • The result will wear off gradually but not suddenly.

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