Hair Ultra Refined Grafting

Hair Ultra Refined Grafting

The removal of hair grafts is a vital part of the hair transplant procedure. These grafts are removed in a series of strips which are then placed into the recipient area of the scalp.

The history of hair transplants ranges from unwieldy plug style grafts through to large 'punchy' grafts and then the newer micro-graft. But thanks to technological advances, the ultra refined graft has appeared which is based on a small is best philosophy.

Advantage of ultra refined grafting

What distinguishes this procedure from others is the use of micro-instruments, e.g. blades, which enable the surgeon to make tiny incisions within the recipient area. They can make more incisions than before which allows them to insert a greater number of graft units. In fact they can insert up to 60 graft units within a square centimetre which also increases the density.

What is the advantage of this? This ability to pack together large numbers of graft units creates an impression of fullness within a small patch of the scalp. More follicles mean more hair which creates that full head of hair look.

It also means that a greater number of graft units can be transplanted within a single procedure. This speeds up the recovery process and the results. Plus there is little or no scarring due to the tiny incisions.

Make sure you choose a clinic which uses the latest hair transplant techniques such as ultra refined grafting for optimum results.