Hair Surgery

Hair surgery

The hair transplant procedure will have been discussed with you during the initial appointment with the surgeon. These include advice about preparing for a hair transplant, what will happen on the day and the aftercare.

This section talks about the day of your procedure.

What will happen on the day of your hair transplant

You will have made preparations for your hair transplant so that you and your scalp are in the best shape possible. The next question is what will happen on the day?

Hair transplants are usually performed in the morning and continue until the early afternoon. But the duration depends upon which procedure you are having and your individual requirements.

Have a shower or bath on the morning of the procedure and use a shampoo as normal. But avoid any hair products such as gels, sprays or creams.

You can eat and drink as normal as you will be having a local anaesthetic. Don't be tempted to skip breakfast as it is important to have something to eat to sustain you through the procedure.

What about paying for your hair transplant? Unless you have already done so you will be asked to pay for your procedure. You will have paid an initial deposit with the remaining balance to be paid on the day of your transplant.

You will be given a consent form to sign. Read through this carefully and ask if there is anything you do not understand. Once you are satisfied then sign this form.

The procedure starts with the administering of a local anaesthetic followed by the removal of strips of donor hair which is then grafted onto designated areas on the scalp. A sedative may also be given.

As regards the hair transplant itself? There are several procedures which you cal learn more about in our Hair Transplant Surgery section. But in general they involve the removal (or 'harvesting') of donor hair grafts from the back and sides of the scalp. These are then transplanted into tiny incisions on the intended areas (or 'recipient') of the scalp.