Hair Scalp Flap Surgery

Hair Scalp Flap Surgery

This guide talks about hair transplants, the various techniques, costs and outcomes. But there are other complimentary procedures which come under the umbrella term 'facial hair transplants'. These include:

  • Eyebrow transplants
  • Eyelashes transplants
  • Moustache and beard transplants

These are discussed individually within this section.

The hair is vitally important to your appearance but the eyebrows and eyelashes are equally important. Together these define your facial characteristics and personality.

Causes of eyebrow/eyelash loss

There are several causes which include:

  • Accident or injury, e.g. burns
  • Excessive plucking (damages the hair roots)
  • Trichotillomania (obsessive pulling out of one's own hair)
  • Alopecia areata (hair loss on the scalp and eyebrows)
  • Chemotherapy/radiation therapy
  • Hypotrichosis (congenital disorder which prevents hair growth on any part of the body)

There are ways of treating eyebrow/eyelash loss without resorting to surgery, for example false eyelashes. But if you want hair which is realistic and compliments the rest of your facial appearance then facial hair transplants are the answer.

What does this involve? This is similar to hair transplants in that donor hairs are removed from the back of the scalp and inserted into the eyebrow line. Hair can also be taken from the chest or under the arms.

Eyebrow transplant

This is a delicate procedure which is usually performed using follicular unit extraction (FUE): the reason for this is that it requires a great deal of precision due to the relatively small area and the fact that the eyebrows must follow a natural curve.

Donor hairs are removed as individual follicular units which are then placed into the eyebrow area one by one. The aim is for the eyebrows to lie flat against the skin and to look natural.

This procedure can be carried out using micro grafting in which a donor strip is removed from the base of the neck. This strip is then dissected under a microscope into individual units before transplantation.

Eyelash transplant

The eyelashes perform a vital function, that of removing dust or dirt from the eye. But these lie over the eyelid which is a delicate feature and easily damaged. Any surgery in or around this area requires a high degree of skill and expertise on the part of the surgeon.

Donor hairs are removed from the eyebrows and cut into small individual units or 'follicular grafts'. Each individual unit is threaded onto a needle which is then inserted into the eyelid in a circular pattern. The aim is for the implanted eyelashes to follow the same direction as natural eyelashes.

Once complete the hairs are then trimmed to the appropriate length.

The surgeon will transplant 30 hairs per eyelid and in a single session.

Can this transplant be performed using donor strips? A donor strip of hair is effective but there is the risk of scarring. The preferred technique is follicular unit extraction (FUE).