What is a hair Transplant?

What is a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair is removed from one part of the scalp usually the back of the head and implanted into the bald areas. This procedure is carried out under a local anaesthetic. Patients can expect to see new hair growth two to three months following surgery.

This is a precise form of surgery which requires a great deal of skill and experience on the part of the surgeon and a large volume of donor hair grafts. It also means using the latest techniques for the best results.

State of the art hair transplants

If you want a great looking head of hair then prepare to spend a great deal of time and money in order to do so. A hair transplant gives excellent results but it is important that you find a surgeon who specialises in this procedure and to the highest standards.

So look for someone who performs the latest techniques and keeps their skills and knowledge up to date. Find a clinic with a proven track record.

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The right hair transplant for the right patient

Everyone is different in regards to hair transplants with individual needs and wishes. This means finding the procedure which produces a result that imitates the way your hair grows. After all, your newly grown hair has to match the rest of your other hair to look completely natural.

Be realistic about the results of a hair transplant

A hair transplant can work wonders but you need to have realistic expectations about this procedure. It will not give you a full head of hair but instead will give you a more than acceptable head of hair.

The aim is to treat areas where hair has started to thin or fall out. This procedure will trigger new hair growth in previously bald patches on the scalp and will vastly improve your appearance.

But keep this in context.