Hair Loss Drugs

Hair loss drugs

This guide discusses the various hair transplant methods, for example follicular unit transplantation (FUT). But if you are not suitable for surgery then there is an alternative which is hair loss medication.

Hair loss medications include:

These are discussed as individual sections.

Hair loss medication is often prescribed for patients in the early stages of hair loss, for example male pattern baldness. In these cases, medication such as Finasteride helps to slow down the process and may even trigger some re-growth.

Men are usually given Minoxidil and Finasteride. Women are prescribed Minoxidil only.

Hair loss drugs are not a magic cure

But it is important to understand that this medication is not a 'cure' for hair loss. What it does is to slow down the rate of loss to give the hair follicles time to grow new hair. In effect, they allow you to retain your existing hair but do not enable you to regain the hair you have lost. But there are cases where some re-growth occurs.

Hair loss drugs may be prescribed as part of a treatment plan which includes a hair transplant.