Dental Implants in Jalandhar

Dental Implants in Jalandhar

Welcome to Apolla Dental Clinic and implant Center Jalandhar

We have an enviable reputation as a quality provider of dental services and a dental implant centre in Jalandhar, with the establishment of two clinics. We offer a comprehensive range of treatments using state-of-the-art technology. We have our own equipments, and our own dental lab with experienced Doctors to make best implant treatment in jalandhar
Dental Implant Centre: We have seen a steady increase in the number of enquiries for Dental Implants in Jalandhar . Our implant team is currently placing Dental Implants per month, with the demand for Bio-Ceramic implants increasing steadily. Our charges for Dental implants are the most competitive in the Jalandhar (Punjab

Why Apollo Dental implant center in jalandhar

Clinicians are registered with the punjab Dental Council and have been selected for their experience. Continual Professional Development, ensures that we keep abreast of the latest innovations in dental techniques. The whole dental team is friendly and caring, ready to adapt to each patient`s individual needs, and we extend a warm welcome to all new patients.

Special Note (Dental Implants) :-

The selection of quality dental implant fixtures is important for the dentist. Success or failure of the implant could very well hinge upon it.
The truth is that dental implants are very expensive . This means that many dentists feel a big temptation to use a cheaper alternative. As a patient, beware of choosing cheap dental implants. Serious problems can result when quality is compromised.
When cheap dental implants are used, very serious consequences can arise. Dental implants can become loose or even fall out, infection can set in, they can be misplaced in the sinuses, or they can infringe upon a nerve which can cause facial numbness.